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Latinos in Design + Construction

Who We Are: Latinos in Design + Construction (LiD+C) is a committee created by SHPE-NYC that aims to bring industry-focused awareness, access, support and development to Latino professionals and students in the design and construction industry throughout the NY Metropolitan area.    

LiD+C invites Latino leaders, experts and influencers in Engineering, Construction, and Architecture who wish to inspire and impact the lives of early career engineers to join our program. Our events include industry-focused panel discussions, technical seminars, and general presentations.

Latinos in Sustainability

Who we are:

Latinos in Sustainability was founded in October 2017 to create a place for other latinos in the sustainability industry to network and to raise awareness amongst students and young professionals about potential career pathways in sustainability. The Latinos In Sustainability Program, made up of Latino engineers working or interested in sustainability, focuses on:

  1. Educating fellow SHPE professionals on sustainability practices and efforts
  2. Informing SHPE students and young professionals of sustainability careers and opportunities, and facilitating access to this industry
  3. Connecting and growing the community of Latino engineers in the sustainability and energy sector.

This group is committed to working towards an inclusive future in the sustainability industry by increasing access to information and opportunities for our community.

If you are interested in joining the group, have ideas for the group or have any inquiries, please reach out directly to us at

Latinos in Technology


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